Monday, March 5, 2012

The Most Inspiring Minister

I adore Dahlan Iskan, Minister for State Owned Enterprises. Reading his journal made me look forward to getting older and open minded because he's so inspiring. He's the former CEO of Indonesia newspaper publisher, Jawa Pos Group, the big company where I'm working for. I love the way he live his life, simply smart. I love his extraordinary thoughts and acts.      

I was bought his second book, Dua Tangis dan Ribuan Tawa. He was published the first titled Ganti Hati but I'm exciting to buy this one :)

"Karyawan adalah konsumen internal yang sesekali harus diperlakukan seperti raja."
"Employees are internal customers, occasionally need to be treated like a king."

That's one of my favorite sentence in his Dua Tangis dan Ribuan Tawa :) Wanna meet him, really.

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