Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Name on The Plate

I'm a reporter, a journalist, charged to report news everyday. You know I'm only having day off biweekly. Frankly, sometimes I feel very tired and boring doing this daily (scary) activities. Leaving home at 8 to attend morning meeting at office, after that going to some places to report, after that going to office to write, after that back home, take a rest, sleeping. Too much after that I know, but that's what going on till.. now!

Ya, my work may be easier than my office mates' as I was trusted to handle feature news named For Her. It can be stocked for some days but really it's hard to do. Moreover, I also have to attend class at college.

I often find some difficulties, just like what I'm finding this morning. Very stuck, don't know what to do to fulfill my duties. So, I and my office mate took a rest for a while to have meal. We had a little briefing, talking this and that and so many things. Having conversation with anyone give me many things to think of, to learn..

In the rest of the day I can say Alhamdulillah all praise be to Allah.. I'm always able to overcome all the difficulties in my work and life :)
Happy Wednesday!

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