Thursday, March 1, 2012

Newspaper Seller

I broke my habit. I used to get up at 5 AM but quickly go to bed and swim (again) in the deep sea of blanket. But not today! I was doing unusual activity, selling newspaper in the morning. Hehehe. Wait! it doesn't mean I'm now the agent of newspaper, I was just participating on Radar Daily Newspaper birthday program. All the top manager also joined. For your information, I didn't take a bath at all. I just washed my face properly, sprayed perfume, then went office :P

office mates and my wrinkled face

Very laid-back :P

the light keeps yellow -_- So it's hard to stop vehicle in the road

our tag line

the beauty me :D

It's very hard to sell newspaper in the road. Spending about one hour, I can sell only one newspaper =D Radar will hold 'Gerak Jalan Santai' on April 1st. The jackpot is so surprise, a fee to a small hajj pilgrimage (Umroh). Come and join, people!

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