Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm in The Dark

This was Wednesday evening and as always I was at office to write my report. Without any permission, the lights off. So was my computer, powerless. What a nice surprise when I realized that I had not saved all my writing. The risk was I had to re-write all the things. From the experience I learn to accustom typing CTRL+S after every single word, every single sentence's done. 

While waiting in the dark office, I tried to enjoy every moments over there. Singing, smiling -I love to smile all the time as I think that smile is the most simple thing to get happiness- and of course.. photo shooting :P

Shining teeth, uh?
Looking out the window, what are you wondering sist?
Emergency tool =D
Finally, I borrowed laptop from my office mate. Thanks laptop, you are dependable as an emergency tool when electricity was powerless =)

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