Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gift Exchange

It's about three months I didn't see her! And now it's such a qualified time to hang out with Beatle :) Actually we have many things in common, included month of birth. I'm 9th of May and hers is 22nd in the same month! So here we were holding a casual meeting at Plaza Asia Food Court and did gift exchange. Yaaaaaaay =D

Thank you, Beatle! You're real a nice friend ever. Muah!
With love,
Your bestie

Friday, June 15, 2012


Hang out with friends, dropped by Jaksi Thai at Plaza Asia to had meal. I had manchiam, sweet cassava a la Thailand. Sweeeeeet and chewy :9

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tired but Sweet

Hi guys, still remember in the last-last-last post that I really want to meet Minister Dahlan Iskan? My dream really came true last night! Super happyyyyyyy!

The minister for state owned enterprises visited Tasikmalaya, attending 'Nonton Wayang Bareng Dahlan Iskan' held by Radar Tasikmalaya. After moving around town, he dropped by my office in the evening and had photo session with almost all people. Not Mr. Dahlan Iskan if he doesn't act extraordinarily. What he is doing always attracts attention and applause from most people. I see him as a public figure who can feel our heart beats as citizens.

So was what happening last night. We all over prepared to welcome his arrival, every foods and dessert were deserved, top manager of some companies also got ready to welcome him. But after arriving, he's just giving plate for all people who'd eat :D

He is always being direct and spontaneous. He knows problems and he solves them right away. He is not just about the theory, or about making commands from his desk, but he is down to earth and I love it. He thinks about complicated problems but he simplifies the solution.

I'm so sorry for the mess and tired face. Actually so tired after working, I have to join preparing his arrival. But it ended very sweet and was documented through picture above =)

Friday, June 8, 2012

You Must Taste!

Lunch at Saung Gemilang Rasa, Indihiang along with friends. Here's the menus served:

Nasi tutong (tutug tongkol)

 Roasted rice (nasi bakar), mine!

Gurame saus kacang kecap

Again, gurame. I forget the name of sauce :P
How deliciously the roasted rice is! The rice's very fluffy and tender to bite. Owner said she use the best rice in quality. Aaaaand, the best thing is when I ate this with grilled chicken and also sambal. Interested to taste? Visit Saung Gemilang Rasa in Indihiang, Tasikmalaya City soon.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Steak Day

By the way, here's some menus deserved: Super yummy :9
Well, are you ready to have a big meal? Bismillah, bon appetit!

Sirloin steak


chicken steak
I actually heart siomay for the real softness, make it easy to chew.

Cowgirl in Action

Haloooo! Can you all guess where were we? Come on guess! You'll get a free trip to Bali if the answer is right. Hahahah, what a crisp joke quiz I know -.-
Teh Nisa and I were playing around at Virleta Restaurant has an unique interior inside. Plates on the wall might be the main interest when I'm entering the room. Ssst! While the owner got ready to serve the foods, we took cowboy hat, and smile in front of camera. As always, photo shooting never missed!

Me and bestie

Keep rockin' your day, people!

Friday, June 1, 2012