Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo Hunt: Benighted Adventure

In this post, I'm going to share my experience following Minoritas Fotografer Tasikmalaya photo hunt to Cikalang River at Cibeureum. At first, I was just invited to have photo shooting by a stranger friend I know through Facebook. I have a propensity for befriending the strangers, thus I said agree to join them. Moreover my writing was finish earlier. So I thought it would be more than fun, having experience and new friends. 

It was afternoon, about 3PM when we begin to walk to the photography spot (Cikalang River). It need an extra energy to reach the spot, just like overcome the challenge.

After walking about a half hour, we arrived. Yaaaay! Surprisingly, the area was faaaar behind the civilization. Heheheh.. No housing, no people, no lamp. The sound of water in the river is very refreshing. Still natural and out of hustle-bustle. But unfortunately a lot of garbage in the river dominated plastic and leafage =.=

(le-ri) Anjar, Silmi, me, Ratna, Yusep, Ikhsan
We had the journey really till drop, till the sun set. So here I text the tittle as Benighted Adventure. Even we should have to use flash for lighting the way home. Such a fascinating journey though it left body aches and fatigue in the next day :D