Sunday, October 28, 2012

Qurban = Get Closer to Allah

Alhamdulillah I was attending Ayat bil ayat recitation with gorgeous ladies of Hijabers Tasikmalaya and Kang Ipay as presenter. Kang Ipay was super great. He conveyed the knowledge about Qurban very well and it's very easy to understand.

Here I resume some points to learn and practice:
  • All this time, we think Qurban is all about sacrificing animal. Whereas Qurban is only a symbol to 'kill' our love for worldly things.
  • If we are hard for giving or sedekah to another, it means we're kind of shirk people and Allah won't grant their prayers. Naudzubillah. So, shirk is actually not only leaving Allah.
  • Doing bad action to our parent is also kind of shirk and shirk people are impure. 
  • The most substantial thing for us to take for hajj pilgrimage is having God Fearing and someone who has God Fearing is just like the one who has performed hajj.
Me (the fourth from the left) and the committee of Hijabers Tasikmalaya
The whole participants of Ayat bil ayat recitation and also Kang Ipay (the one and only male in picture)
Let's get closer to Allah by killing our love for everything but Him :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Day With Nat-nat

I want to tell you a big news that: Today's my day day off! :)
Spending the whole day at my sister's home and baby sitting Nat-nat who's always be with her Nanny (almost) everyday due tue her Mom's career. Nat-nat now is becoming a cute little girl, not just like a toddler anymore. Hihihi.. look pictures below! She's able to climb the gate :D

Nat-nat wearing shocking pink dress

Operating my cell phone

Lying beauty ;p
That's all for today. Adios, people!
Me and Nat-nat.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Can't Wait to See You

Pretty happy knowing Angga will be back home! Yaaay! :)

Supreme Pizza at Bambino at Plaza Asia F'court
Taken by Teh Lisna :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dim Sum Party

I was invited to attend Dim Sum Party at Santika Hotel along with other journalists from various media. Happy! :)

Fried mantau
Steam mantau
Yumm, yumm, yummy!
Sweet bak pao

Bak Pao on the eyes

Steam Tofu Medan
There are soooo many variants of Dim Sum served over there. Anyone has another hungry stomach? Heheheh ;p

For Formal Occasion

I'm actually not professionally hijab stylist. But in this time, I just wanna share about how to use pashmina glossy that I sell. Here the steps:

1. Kenakan inner ninja.
2. Pakai pashmina glossy dengan ujung kiri lebih pendek daripada ujung kanan.
3. Sematkan jarum paku bagian pelipis kanan dan kiri
4. Ambil ujung kanan yang lebih panjang dan tarik lewat belakang sehingga berada di posisi kiri.
5. Lipat ke atas melewati pelipis kiri.
6. Rapikan sisi kanan dan kiri dengan jarum paku
7. Sisa pashmina di sebelah kanan, rapikan dengan menariknya ke bagian kiri.
(tampak belakang)
Hope you can easily practice this at home :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grilled Rib & Soup

Alhamdulillah I had lunch at Rumah Makan Siliwangi, freeeee! :)

Grilled rib and soup
Strawberry float
Siliwangi fruit soup
Sauteed tulang jambal
Allah is very kind for always giving me non-stop blessing in life :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breakfast and Lunch

I think, it's a big lie when we're continuously working of the same routine and we don't feel bored. Workplace boredom can be as stressful and damaging as overwork. Perhaps more so. If you've been feeling bored with your work, you're not alone. 

Lately, I'm not engaged at work. I just don't belong here. Working as journalist is very me indeed but by the time I realize that's not my passion. I may be good at work but that's not the job I enjoy the most. There's sometimes a mismatch between me and the system. 

I've identified my passion, had values, and known the purpose of my life. Another big dream await to be realized. I don't wanna waste my time to do something that doesn't bring me happiness and (the most important is) comfort. 

Until the time comes, I always try to enjoy and do my best. By the way, this is the quote of Dahlan Iskan for my 'breakfast'. Hehehehe ;P

My big choice fortunately has not been settled =D
And this tenderloin steak is for my lunch
Kang Rohman's bull eye steak
Cold drinks in the rainy season
brrrrrr ;p
Bismillah. Bismillah. Bismillah.
I do realize that there's no growth in the comfort zone and there's no comfort in the growth zone and I have to leave my comfort zone to keep growing :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creamy Chocolate

Me time with my gorgeous female friends in Hijabers Tasikmalaya. Meeting to discuss our 7th recitation this month and big program will be held in the end of this year.

Creamy chocolate: our dresscode today!
bird eye's view

Hopefully all will run smoothly ;) For further information, I'll inform you in the next-next posts.
Bye ^^

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Hijaber

Life is such a great blessing when I still can wake up in the morning. Today I spent my morning at Nat-nat's palace. She's getting cute right now and always imitate what adult does. Look! She wants to wear my hijab, hihihi. Nothing beats her cute smile :* 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


To Ai Nuraeni, the winner of the first anniversary giveaway. I love her statement that hijab is just like crown. If women say her hair as crown, we are as muslimah say that hijab as ours. I'll send the presents soon!

Hijab style book + pashmina

May Allah bless us always and forever :)