Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breakfast and Lunch

I think, it's a big lie when we're continuously working of the same routine and we don't feel bored. Workplace boredom can be as stressful and damaging as overwork. Perhaps more so. If you've been feeling bored with your work, you're not alone. 

Lately, I'm not engaged at work. I just don't belong here. Working as journalist is very me indeed but by the time I realize that's not my passion. I may be good at work but that's not the job I enjoy the most. There's sometimes a mismatch between me and the system. 

I've identified my passion, had values, and known the purpose of my life. Another big dream await to be realized. I don't wanna waste my time to do something that doesn't bring me happiness and (the most important is) comfort. 

Until the time comes, I always try to enjoy and do my best. By the way, this is the quote of Dahlan Iskan for my 'breakfast'. Hehehehe ;P

My big choice fortunately has not been settled =D
And this tenderloin steak is for my lunch
Kang Rohman's bull eye steak
Cold drinks in the rainy season
brrrrrr ;p
Bismillah. Bismillah. Bismillah.
I do realize that there's no growth in the comfort zone and there's no comfort in the growth zone and I have to leave my comfort zone to keep growing :)

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