Sunday, October 28, 2012

Qurban = Get Closer to Allah

Alhamdulillah I was attending Ayat bil ayat recitation with gorgeous ladies of Hijabers Tasikmalaya and Kang Ipay as presenter. Kang Ipay was super great. He conveyed the knowledge about Qurban very well and it's very easy to understand.

Here I resume some points to learn and practice:
  • All this time, we think Qurban is all about sacrificing animal. Whereas Qurban is only a symbol to 'kill' our love for worldly things.
  • If we are hard for giving or sedekah to another, it means we're kind of shirk people and Allah won't grant their prayers. Naudzubillah. So, shirk is actually not only leaving Allah.
  • Doing bad action to our parent is also kind of shirk and shirk people are impure. 
  • The most substantial thing for us to take for hajj pilgrimage is having God Fearing and someone who has God Fearing is just like the one who has performed hajj.
Me (the fourth from the left) and the committee of Hijabers Tasikmalaya
The whole participants of Ayat bil ayat recitation and also Kang Ipay (the one and only male in picture)
Let's get closer to Allah by killing our love for everything but Him :)

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