Sunday, November 25, 2012

BSI Entrepreneur Center

Being an entrepreneur is tough. It's actually my side job as I'm now still busy being a journalist -which you know I just get holiday biweekly. I choose fashion business to be developed by my speed -which actually just like a crawling turtle- but I'm so optimistic that the business that I run today would be brighter in the future, as soon as possible because I'm working on it.

I sometimes just wanna escape from my job and only focus on my business but I'm still afraid of not having a stable income *sigh*. Moreover I still don't have any assets to make it bigger now. But I have written this thing to my '100 Dreams Should Come True' that I will make this business as my main income in the near future, 1-2 years later, inshaallah :)  

I'm now enjoying my job as a journalist and keep writing as it's my hobby. I'm also a believer that what I do today surely will lead me to find my real passion and pave me the way. Of course I do believe that a big things start from a small one.

So, here I am starting my passion to become a fashion business join to open booth at BSI Entrepreneur Center. 

Me, get ready to start my passion :D

Mazer, one of Amico Founder. He's also starting his passion in IT world.

Miu and friends

Cilok seller named Indra :D Cilok is actually potential

Very simple booth :)

Cheers :)

Let's find out and follow our passion. Be consistent, be maximal, and never quit :)

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