Friday, November 9, 2012

Coffe Break

I'm little bit stress lately. Not about my work, it's about my daily routine that across the city street everyday. You know, in some points of my city now is super crowded and not organized well. Tasik is the type of place I wanna escape as quickly as possible. I couldn't figure out about some of hustle-bustle life over here but the frustrating things are like:
  • The bikers and the drivers seem can't run their vehicle orderly. When the traffic light hasn't been green, they go ahead. As well when the traffic light turns red, they still go ahead.
  • Sound of a vehicle horn is super noisy. I never understand why when the traffic light turns red, the rider can't just shut up and be little bit patient. God bless them!
  • Unorganized parking system also contribute the reason of traffic.
  • The flooding! O My God, It's very embarrassing when knowing the City Center is just like fish lake and some trashes floating.
  • As I ride my motorbike by myself, I'm frequently splashed by car or motor which is crossing the puddle, including today. Yeah, that unclean water successfully littering my face at least my clothes. Thank you very much for making me more patient.
That were some of the reasons why I wrote this post. I'm so sick of the discomfort. By the way, today I visit Coffee Break and have a leisure time by getting some meals. The comfort place can be a temporary medicine for my bad day. 
Easy late
Chicken katsu
As a resident, I'm just hoping for the better Tasikmalaya in the near future as I undesrtand that organizing a city is not easy as winking or If the city is stagnant or even getting worse, It's likely I have to pack my bag and go leaving for a better place :)

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