Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hand and Happy

Living and enjoying a good life; Starting in the morning by being grateful that I still get up and breathe, grateful that I can still taste my Mom's cooking, grateful that I can still wear fashion I like, grateful for looking my silly cute face in the mirror, grateful that I still have family, friends, and lover that love and care a lot about me, grateful for everything, even the bad as there must be something good follow it afterward. ;)

Yes, being happy is as simple as being grateful. So, let's say alhamdulillah by listing every happiness God give to us, everyday, everytime.

By the way, I was given a mehndi a.k.a henna temporary tattoo by Mrs. Santi just arrived from India. Then I applied it my own way without any technique as I'm not an expert of it :P But It simply makes me happy. Yaaay! I had mehndi on my hand. Aaaaaaand, do you guys want to see the result?

Just go laughing, I did :D

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