Sunday, November 4, 2012

Riung Gunung

Just got new experience after reporting Riung Gunung owner, Mrs Lies as the second generation and my friend Sister Rina as her daughter. Not only knowing about the history but also the taste of dishes served over there. The fact is Riung Gunung was build by The late Mrs Ecih who is Mom of Mrs Lies about 30 years ago. Ya you know it's a generation to generation business .

They are all so great for making the taste consistent. No wonder, some of their customers come from out of town. The most special is when you eat the food in the location, your ear will be pampered by live wing jazz music. Cool, right? 

Here are some menus you can find at Riung Gunung:


ayam bakakak

Bandrek produced by Riung Gunung
For those of you who wanna taste all the dishes, do come to Riung Gunung on Mohamad Hatta st Tasikmalaya city and get the sensation! ;)

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