Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday Duty

For a 19th years old girl like me, doing multitasking jobs is such a good achievement -at least, it's only thought of mine as I think so. I have role as a journalist and also as a student. As an employee, I should follow the system that the company I work for applies; attending morning meeting a.k.a projection, reporting news, writing the reports, and taking responsibility for what I was writing. It takes almost my whole time indeed, moreover I just have day off only biweekly, but I always try to keep my job run well. In another hand, I also should take responsibility as a student. Before working, I attend class, then heading to report. Super tired, stressful, and frustrating but I then realize that that's the risk I have to receive. 

I ever start questioning myself on what I'm doing. I ask my self whether I enjoy or not and if not, so why I'm still go on. It's so confusing to answer. If I should describe my feeling, may be here are the words: I sometimes want to be like another girls who enjoy their more free time-on the weekend I still have to work even sometimes I don't have any day off at all-, but I also don't wanna just spending time for unuseful thing(s)-doing job as reporter give me advantages such as business relationship and income. 

However I feel tired, I just remember a quote I'm always reading that I should have to leave my comfort zone to grow. Just like this Saturday that may should be free, but I'm on duty :) I've been leaving my comfort zone since I'm 17th y.o till now. Great right? And wish me to keep growing, ok?

By the way, why so serious in reading my blog? Hehehe

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