Monday, May 20, 2013

Everyday is A Blessing

Innalillahi wainnailaihi rooji'un. In the morning when I was finishing Subuh prayer I got an obituary news. Anjar, my friend also a photographer crushed to death last night on Rajapolah street. It's very unbelievable as right two weeks ago, we had photoshooting. I wish you rest in peace, brother! Amin.

Related to death, the islamic teaching of Tasikmalaya Hijabers today was also discussing about death. The point is all people will die whenever and wherever without ever knowing the way so it's better to be grateful when we can still wake up in the morning, take a breathe, live a wonderful life then we'll feel that everyday is a blessing.

May God bless us always and forever :)

The whole participants of islamic teaching today
Hijab tutorial by Teh Senix and Teh Myra as a model, me as MC
Capturing picture in front of the backdrop is a must, hehe..
Familiar with the face? He's Kang Aji, the vocalist of Dygta, also the teacher of the day
All the committee
See you next month, beauties!

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