Friday, May 10, 2013

Hitting 20

All praise be to Allah for giving me such an amazing life! Today is my 20th birthday and I'm so grateful and super happyyyyyy. Got two cakes from Kandida and friends, another is from Teh Dewi and her little family. The night before I slept over their house and right in the morning when I woke up, my nieces came and sang Happy Birthday song, hehehe. Thank you, sweeties.

Talking about hopes and wishes, they are not only coming to my mind on my birthday, but also they come everyday, every second. I always put my hopes in God and I do believe everything I dream of will come true. Amin :)

Btw, I wanna let you know one of my today's wish: I need a pro camera. I hope in the near future I'm able financially to buy it. InsyaaAllah.

Cake from Kandida and friends

Cake from my sister and family, also some gifts :D

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