Friday, February 14, 2014

The City of Bakso

Tasik may be called the city of bakso, also known as meatball. It has so many bakso sellers around town as the fan of this favorite dish is in a huge number, included me :p I said so because all the members of my family like it and I bet yours like it too. It's one of Tasikmalayan people's must-eat-almost-everyday food, do the sentence looks weird? -_- But actually for me, eating bakso is a guilty pleasure as I crave for being a veggie lately, at least I convince my self to eat less meat.

Well, for those of you who's becoming a bakso maniac, here I post about my recent favorite big bakso called bakso teurab. You can get it in Bakso Echo 93 which has 3 branches: Ibrahim Adjie st (Indihiang), AH Nasution st (Mangkubumi), and Ciamis. The price is from IDr 12.000 from IDR 18.000.

Bakso teurab

Bakso hot molotot


Mie ayam

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