Saturday, June 7, 2014


Lately, Berliner Brotfabrik has been my favorite place to have meal. Today I was invited by Jeffry along with his mate Satrio to be there. For them, it may not be enough just having a meal, so after that we decided to go to Saung Pangreureuhan in Mangkubumi to have dinner. For real! :D

By the way, I've never been in Saung Pangreureuhan before. I think it's a nice place to visit as it has some floating lesehan (the seat). So it made us possibly having dinner while swaying. Fuuun!

What I order (?) I don't know the name but the butter is very sensational.

wind beutel (eclairs with sliced strawberry)

Tomaten suppe

He's the best male friend ever!

Introducing: Satrio!

Sitting in the floating lesehan

Blur is the new focus :D
Bihun :9

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