Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I ever read: Never ignore your heart and passion. It would be a slow suicide if you do. Live everyday with good intentions. Live a lively and lovely so in the future you only will have memorable pasts. Talking about passion, mine is not only in hijab fashion. I'm kind of an experience gainer as I love trying something new surely in positive ways. 

I am a girl with thousand dreams. But after contemplating, I prefer to keep it by my self. I decided not to talk too much about plans I have in life. I just wanna show you all the result. 

By the way, I was just doing project with Teh Wida's Wise Butik. I got an idea to help her selling the items as I notice the business is little bit ill. I'm not tall and photogenic enough but having a photoshoot like this is something that I love. Becoming stylist for my hijab style is such a great pleasure. 

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