Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where Happiness Never Ends

Had a little free time and invited by my sister's family to have a day out. Going to Plaza Asia at first, I think Plaza Asia is Tasikmalayan most favorite destination for shopping or just killing time. Hehe, for real! Spending a little time over there, then we're heading to Rumah Makan Pantai Dadaha right on Terusan BCA street, not far from Plaza Asia. Super late lunch but happyyyyy! 

By the way, happy independence day for Indonesia! May all Indonesian always happy. 

Between Mom and Niece

Sate Maranggi
Bon apetit!
Fried gurame

Friday, August 15, 2014

Payung Geulis Tasikmalaya

As one of Mojang Jajaka 2013 finalist, I had an invitation from Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports (Dinas Kebudayaan Pariwisata Pemuda dan Olahraga) Kota Tasikmalaya on Otto Iskandar Dinata street to participate in the 17 Agustus carnival. 

I got involved to the nonformal discussion about building youth community consists of all the finalists of Mojang Jajaka all the year. In the middle of random conversation, one of the staff over there asked what my job is. I told her that I'm a reporter. But her answer then made me feel underestimated for saying something which the point is asking me not too proud for having that job. It's astonishing that I had been involved in very subjective talks. 

So why if I'm a reporter? I know so far being a reporter is often included in the black list job for making bad news and impact in making some people in the news threatened. But I'm not kind of reporter like that, please. My reason to become a reporter just due to my hobby, yes! writing. Doing what I like and earning money as well is a great achievement for me who start this when I was in senior high. But please underline that I earn money not from threatening others. I am paid by my own office. 

Honestly, I'm offended by what that person told me. But after we had a longer conversation, she finally said sorry. Haha :p Well, forget it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Make Over on My Bestie

Last Wednesday when I had a mini reunion with high school friends, this person insist us to postponed the moment. She asked us to hold the program when she had been arriving at Tasikmalaya. Unfortunately the words are spread to others so it's impossible for her to join us as she was still out of town for school. 

Soooooo, introducing our top person in academic at class.. Dhiny Lidinillah, a future doctor! :) Right after she's been here, we (I and her) held a tiny little reunion. It's just us, we were a deskmate by the way :D It's always delightful to share anything with friends. Begin with talking about our latest daily activities, some unforgettable moments in the past, ended up doing make up. 

I don't mean to teach about this one as I'm just just a make up hobby-ist. Need to learn and practice more to make it perfect. Hehehe..

Before and after make over
With meeeee, the make up artist wannabe
Testing the fish eye lens
In the same day, Eno showed me her new lens for smartphone. For an experience gainer like me, trying new things is always appealing. Happyyyyy! But then.. I just contemplate that the happiness I feel a long day will be nothing without thanking God for all what He gave to me. I guess, God also want to be appreciated. So you know what I mean :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday-Funday With Mie Gule Salero

Just want to share my productive Sunday when I was pointed to be one of the judges in cooking and food creation making competition held by Mie ABC Gule Salero at Dadaha. Thanks to Mbak Dian for the chance and having me in the moment. I really had so much fun and laughter, particularly when judging jingle competition. Ibu-ibu PKK are super amazingly creative. Two thumbs up for 'em!

One of the food creation made of Mie ABC Gule Salero
tasting the food
the gulai
another food creation
another gulai
the delegates of chief of PKK, I, and Chef Iwenk from Harmoni Hotel
noticing the participant

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Be All Star

It's a blessing that I still have a chance to gather with 9B alumni on Wednesday (6/8). It's actually our second as the first time we did it on 2012. More precious was when knowing that our beloved math teacher Mrs. Imas also would come. Alhamdulillah happyyyyyy! Our first meeting point is in Akasha Photo Studio on Tarumanagara st. 

Then afterward we were planning to go for lunch at Warung Nasi Nini Anteh, not so far from Studio. But unfotunately, Ussi and Mrs Imas couldn't join us because of their busyness. Let's do more exciting and lively one next year, guys! Thank you for the quality time :)

Semi formal
Using timer :p

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Last Friday Night

Halo People! I just had an express hang out with the sweetest sister brother, Jeffry on last Friday Night. It's the first time we met after Lebaran Day. As the tradition goes, we each forgive for the sake of friendship. Moreover, he had so much mistakes to me! Such as keep asking me to pay his bill when we had a meal, don't ya rememba Kujef? (british accent) hahaha :p

It's kinda unplanned hang out, really. We had a chat on facebook and he asked me for dinner. At the time, I actually still busy to finish the deadline at office but yeaa.. he forced me and I couldn't say nothing but Yes, come on! Then I wrote in a rush. 

I finished my job but he told me to wait for a moment before picking me up as he's going to clean his self. It's his habit to take a bath in the evening, even in the midnight (even pouring seven flowers in various =D). A moment for him means an hour or more, yes I always put my understanding on it. 

He finally came and we're heading to Galleria Resto as our first destiny. Just spending a little time, then The Djongjon Cafe is the next place to visit. As usual, we had some randomly absurd conversation, hehehe.. but that's what makes us still have a strong friendship. Time may fly fast, but our friendship stand still. 

Mouse chocolate at Galleria Resto
Puppy face?