Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Make Over on My Bestie

Last Wednesday when I had a mini reunion with high school friends, this person insist us to postponed the moment. She asked us to hold the program when she had been arriving at Tasikmalaya. Unfortunately the words are spread to others so it's impossible for her to join us as she was still out of town for school. 

Soooooo, introducing our top person in academic at class.. Dhiny Lidinillah, a future doctor! :) Right after she's been here, we (I and her) held a tiny little reunion. It's just us, we were a deskmate by the way :D It's always delightful to share anything with friends. Begin with talking about our latest daily activities, some unforgettable moments in the past, ended up doing make up. 

I don't mean to teach about this one as I'm just just a make up hobby-ist. Need to learn and practice more to make it perfect. Hehehe..

Before and after make over
With meeeee, the make up artist wannabe
Testing the fish eye lens
In the same day, Eno showed me her new lens for smartphone. For an experience gainer like me, trying new things is always appealing. Happyyyyy! But then.. I just contemplate that the happiness I feel a long day will be nothing without thanking God for all what He gave to me. I guess, God also want to be appreciated. So you know what I mean :)

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