Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rever Steak Pizza Pasta

Rever Cafe, HZ Mustofa st Tasikmalaya (right beside Lele Lela), has been my favorite place for hang out, lately. As the name says, the menus served in this cafe are dominated by western foods. I ever tasted spaghetti and now time for pizza. It's a medium size, about for two person and the cost is IDR 20.000. The taste is not bad. 8 out of 10.

There are various beverages over there. I order a tall glass of strawberry smoothies. For me, the taste is extra ordinary! I love the cream as that it's not too sweet at all, very tasty compared with some smoothies I ever tasted.

American tradition IDR 20.000
banana and strawberry smoothies

Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's the first time for me having dinner here in Kayuku on Tawangsari st Tasikmalaya. The dim light is becoming its characteristic but quite homey. There's a special room may be called as meeting room which the door is so country style. Anyway, the menus is varied from Indonesian food to western ones. I order this potato lasagna looks like nasi tim I think :p 
Potato lasagna IDR 19.000
La Orange Coffee 
Green Garden IDR 14.000
Nasi goreng seafood

Dicken Coffee (Again)

After watching Mojang Jajaka Grandfinal in Santika Hotel on Friday Night, I'm heading to have a super late dinner. It's on 9 PM and I'm in  Dicken Coffee Simpang Lima Tasikmalaya. Had a tenderloin steak and alhamdulillah it's tender! But it's just the sauce is nothing special for me. Also the lemon tea I guess it's an instant drink, the cook only put a slice of lemonade on it. Not recommended. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


The Sundanese may think that #ROKPUNGSAT is a mini skirt. It's a BIG wrong, people! #ROKPUNGSAT stands for Relawan Orang Kreatif PUNGut Sampah Tasik, creative youth volunteer picking up the trash during Car Free Day every Sunday morning from 7 to 9. The volunteer is the member of Tasikmalaya Creative Community Forum (TCCF). Such as Komunitas Wisata Kuliner Tasik, Klub Buku Tasik, Paguyuban Pengusaha Muda Tasik (PPMT), Berbagi Nasi, Green Society, Japan Fans Tasik, Paguyuban Mojang Jajaka Tasik, Kaskus Regional Tasik, Stand Up Comedy, Penggemar Fotografi Tasik, and many more.

Through this program, we are intended to promote the goodness, in this case we take out the trash and throw it to the garbage bag we take. Our mission is clearly simple, that we do this effort to improve Tasikmalayan quality of life. 

We have new stereotype that cool guys are those who care about the environment around. For us, being cool is not when you're having sophisticated gadget or driving luxury car but simply picking the trash and put it on the proper place. 

For those who wants to be the volunteer, come to CFD and join us next week! Let's make a better Tasikmalaya.

Lekker Coffee

Had quality time with Komunitas Wisata Kuliner Tasik (KWKT) member at Lekker Coffee, Tarumanagara st after doing #ROKPUNGSAT program in Car Free Day Tasikmalaya on HZ Mustofa st. Want to know what the #ROKPUNGSAT is? Check the posting after this!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bismillah, I'm Consistent!

Just bought a new blender and suddenly so excited for doing habit that's actually stalled: juicing fruit and veggie. I've not been a vegetarian yet but it's one of my effort as I'm now heading there. Living a healthy life lately has been my main focus. I think, back to the nature is the right way to do so. That's why I'm starting again this.

By the way, I deliberately title this posting that way so I hope I will be, Insyaa Allah.. The title is the same with my very first posting of this blog: Here. Voila! I'm evidently blogging with consistency for almost 4 years. Nah, my goal is not quite different with that. 

I fully believe, God has created the best things in nature so it's time for us as human to be thankful by consuming more what God deserved in this universe.

I made this bicolor juice inspired by various green websites that serve juice recipes. I put strawberry and mango at the bottom, and spinach plus pineapple at the top.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fly Me To Deutschland

Lately, Berliner Brotfabrik, Mayor Utarya st, has been my favorite place to have meal. I don't know why but it may because I can't wait to hit Berlin so badly :D By the way, today I order the new menu over there. Yes muffin! Muffin may be an ordinary cake but one thing that makes me keen on tasting this, because of the edible butterfly topping. It's honestly too cute to eat, so I just keep waiting for the butterfly flying. Heheh..

the butterfly is edible so it's eventually RIP on my tummy
Eating the cute butterfly gently
Muffin schokolade. Where's the butterfly? Unfortunately it was flying.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pinky Sweet Cake Named Erdbeer Sahne Torte

Halo Leute! Wie Gehts? Ich hoffe Sie alle sind gut. I wanna share something that actually it should be a secret until it happen. But I'd just like to share about the process. Lately I've been so busy doing everything. Yes! This something! A dream!
Having a dream means we're ready to risk everything, doing everything and nobody knows, but us. Inshaa Allah next year I will have a program and I will hit Deutschland for the very first time :D Hope it runs smooooooth, aameen!

I've taken some steps to make it happen. One of them is going to the course. My goal is having Goethe-Zertifikat A1 in the near future. I do realize that the dream takes quite many risks. I have to invest money and time to run the program. But for me it doesn't matter at all. Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

By the way, Today I had a meal time in Berliner Brotfabrik and Konditorei on Mayor Utarya st. The food is about German breads, cakes, and dishes. Very recommended for those who want to feel the whole german atmoshphere as you can stare view of some city in Deutschland from the wallpaper hanging on every front. It makes me can't wait to hit Deutschland, for real! Let's pray each other :)

Erdbeer Sahne Torte Rp. 13.000
Koblenz wallpaper