Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bismillah, I'm Consistent!

Just bought a new blender and suddenly so excited for doing habit that's actually stalled: juicing fruit and veggie. I've not been a vegetarian yet but it's one of my effort as I'm now heading there. Living a healthy life lately has been my main focus. I think, back to the nature is the right way to do so. That's why I'm starting again this.

By the way, I deliberately title this posting that way so I hope I will be, Insyaa Allah.. The title is the same with my very first posting of this blog: Here. Voila! I'm evidently blogging with consistency for almost 4 years. Nah, my goal is not quite different with that. 

I fully believe, God has created the best things in nature so it's time for us as human to be thankful by consuming more what God deserved in this universe.

I made this bicolor juice inspired by various green websites that serve juice recipes. I put strawberry and mango at the bottom, and spinach plus pineapple at the top.

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