Sunday, September 14, 2014


The Sundanese may think that #ROKPUNGSAT is a mini skirt. It's a BIG wrong, people! #ROKPUNGSAT stands for Relawan Orang Kreatif PUNGut Sampah Tasik, creative youth volunteer picking up the trash during Car Free Day every Sunday morning from 7 to 9. The volunteer is the member of Tasikmalaya Creative Community Forum (TCCF). Such as Komunitas Wisata Kuliner Tasik, Klub Buku Tasik, Paguyuban Pengusaha Muda Tasik (PPMT), Berbagi Nasi, Green Society, Japan Fans Tasik, Paguyuban Mojang Jajaka Tasik, Kaskus Regional Tasik, Stand Up Comedy, Penggemar Fotografi Tasik, and many more.

Through this program, we are intended to promote the goodness, in this case we take out the trash and throw it to the garbage bag we take. Our mission is clearly simple, that we do this effort to improve Tasikmalayan quality of life. 

We have new stereotype that cool guys are those who care about the environment around. For us, being cool is not when you're having sophisticated gadget or driving luxury car but simply picking the trash and put it on the proper place. 

For those who wants to be the volunteer, come to CFD and join us next week! Let's make a better Tasikmalaya.


  1. it's good start to clean up the city...