Thursday, October 2, 2014

Berliner Brotfabrik: Too Cute To Eat

Had an invitation from Inda, my bestie since senior high to have meal at (again and again) Berliner Brotfabrik Konditorei, Mayor Utarya st. We actually look for the new menus over there as we stared at their Facebook account, but it's ran out. What a pity! 

Then we ordered the available cakes which some are tasted before, such as this kind of muffin. It only has a different topping with what I ate about a month ago. Still cute but it's exactly cuter. I honestly don't have the heart to eat this kleine tarte :')

My another favorit is gruener tee sahne torte that has a typical taste. It's made of green tea and it's not too sweet but hard to forget its sensation :D


Tiramisu sahne torte
Gruener tee sahne torte


  1. Hai Lisan... Kue2 cantiknya beli dimanaaa? Rasanya secantik tampilannya gak? Hihihiii jadi pengen makan cake...

  2. Hai Mbak.. makasih atas kunjungannya.
    Di Tasik ada kafe khas Jerman gitu, salah satu tempat favoritku. Selain betah dan kenal sama ownernya, juga karena ada bule di sana. Kebetulan saya lagi belajar bahasa jerman jadi bisa mingle and chatting :D

  3. Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Eintrag.