Monday, October 6, 2014

Extra Seuhah Super Spicy

My everlasting culinary love affair with chili has appeared since I was kid. Some friends knows about my infatuation with chili. The hot condiment known as sambal or chili paste is a must-have item for my every meal. A few days ago, I visited Saung Extra Seuhah right on Ibu Apipah st and got sambal goang to accompany ayam seuhah which is already extra spicy. 

Almost everyday, I had lunch or late lunch at a food stall near office that has a superrr spicy chili paste. For a culinary adventurer like me, that's the hottest sambal I've ever tasted. But this one is not less spicy. For real! Go try and get the sensation!

Sambal goang (IDR 3.000)
Tumis kangkung
Ayam seuhah


  1. Mmmmmh...
    Das sieht alles sehr lecker aus!

  2. Ja, so lecker! Sie müssen diese schmecken :))

  3. Wuuuiiih langsung ngiler nih... Kangkungnya enak tuh