Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tiny Mini Reunion

Some people told me I'm lucky to have a chance exploring Germany and another country in Europe. Probably yes! But you know what? I never told random people about what basically happen behind the scene, how the struggle I've passed through, and how hard is it to deal with every condition and people I faced. But I actually don't want to share my hardship in this post. May be later, in my very first time book (as I have idea to publish a travel story book one day). Here I go, will share my newest story when I travel to Trier to meet my friends. 

This travel is a sequel of Sunny Winter in Heidelberg post. It is still my year end vacation from December 25th until 28th 2015. I was leaving Heidelberg to Trier around 2 in the 27 of December afternoon and unfortunately my bus was coming late. The most terrible thing was, my mobile's battery was going low while I didn't print out the check-in code. But then I remember that I brought my laptop inside my luggage so my mobile sucked the power from it. 

Traveling is sometimes not so comfortable. I also felt it when I have to go back from Trier to Munich in the following day, so I only spend one day two nights in that beautiful small city. It is complicated to explain but it's brokenhearted. But in the end, I could reach Munich on time then heading to the village together with Ayu safely. 

For me, however discomfort the traveling is, it always gives me benefits afterward. It's true that those who leaves their comfort zone and heads for a strange place that they have never been there before, is doing the right thing. So did I. Indeed, my development speeds up when I'm abroad.

Ima, Nizar, and I. Thank you guys for having me.
He is one of some people that know better about my struggle in Germany and the process before.
Trier is such a lovely city, I think.
Thank you for having me 2 nights  in your apartment, Ima.
In front of Porta Nigra
I don't know the name but I really like this art. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let It Go

I was wondering what exactly can make people sad when somebody or something they love was gone. Once I also ever felt the same thing when I lose someone that I love, someone that used to be there when I need, and yes it was hurting. I keep asking my self why am I that sad? Is that love that made us so? Hmm, I guess it's not. Love is very pure, it should liberates anyone, including from sadness. So what is wrong with everyone when separation happen between them and the ones they love?

As time goes by, I slowly understand. I could say it is about the power of letting go, the power of receiving, or in Bahasa Indonesia it is called 'ikhlas'. In the last few weeks, I heard obituaries from some friends. They felt very sad and lost when their someone finally gone, in this case they passed away. 

I rethink, the sadness is not caused by they who are leaving but it simply because we can not deal with the situation and condition. We are on denial. We have not mastered and applied the power of letting go yet. When we love someone or something, we should have to learn about these things as well. Loss is a certainty, we just don't know when. Perhaps it will reduce our sadness when it finally happen to us, or may be we just smile and feel no sad at all because we are able to let it go. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Weekender Was Traveling To Berlin

The excitement started when I was on the way, touched down the central city of Germany, Berlin! This city is on the list of the place I should visit before going back to my homeland next year. I traveled with Ayu by Megabus and we spent 2 days 1 night over there. The best magnetism of this city is its historical sites like Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate. 

Since I lived in Germany for past few months, I'm very interested about history. Especially about holocaust things. I looked for information from books, articles, to films. Before heading to Berlin, I bought a book 'The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank' in Munich. It attracted my attention. The book told us about Anne Frank daily life, her feelings, her stories when she and her family was hiding in Secret Annex when anti-Jewish laws were established.

For your information, I knew Anne Frank for the first time from a teenage magazine when I was in junior high school. She was inspiring, for me. At least I was inspired by her to start writing about my daily life, my feeling, and my other things. Firstly, I also tried to write on my random books, but unfortunately the books were gone as I didn't take care of them. I live in modern life now, so I decide to write on blog. I guess if she lived in this era, she probably would use blog platform to express her feeling. Heheh

I guess it is enough about Anne Frank, may be I will write about her on the next post if I desire :p Soooo, here comes my travel gallery:

In front of Brandenburg Gate
Potsdamer Platz
Berlin Wall
Welt Uhr at Alexander Platz
East Side Gallery
Brandenburg at Night
It was not so far from Berliner Dome
In front of Reichstag, where Angela Merkel works.
Holocaust Memorial
Snowfall for the very very first time
Berliner Dome as background

Monday, November 2, 2015

Was In Hofgarten Odeonsplatz

They asked me how to have the same path like mine. Staying abroad, having a life-changing yet fascinating journey, visiting new places, and so on. Then I kindly gave them the good suggestion what else that they have to do to reach what I did. Most of them ended up with a little complaint, 'How can the process be so complicated? I think, it will be hard to pass through.'


Then I question my self, how can people think what I have achieved is only by flicking of a finger? No way, buddies! NO WAY! It's very complicated and challenging more than you think. I just keep my mouth shut instead of complaining.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Rhapsody

Yesterday I contemplated concerning why the laziness does exist. I personally analyzed that it's caused we let ourselves have no strong passions and dreams that exactly could move us forward, may be laid back too much, and passive. Thing that we need to do to overcome the situation is doing the opposite: have passions and dreams, be active in doing good things, and say no to just stay in the comfort zone. That is it: passions and dreams that drive us to keep moving.

By the way, weather is getting cold lately. The winter is about to come and I am super excited. This will be my very first time to see snow coming from above :D See you in the next post, everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oktober Fest Parade

Hallo, So happy I became a weekender again, people! Was going to Munich to see the opening of Oktober Fest 2015 at Theresienwiese last weekend. These pictures I took on Sunday and luckily I was an early bird and got the first line so I could see the parade without blockage. Different from Saturday as I came too late, not so in the morning so I only can see people's back and head. What a pity, indeed. No matter as I'm able to capture some moments over there finally. Enjoy the pics!

I like this kind of clothes. It's so Bavaria.
Nice lady on the big horse
Poor the horses are with no diaper :D They had poo everywhere
Middle age costumes from Mindelheim, the closest city to Markt Wald where I live
German flag
It was on Saturday when The Oktober Fest has not open yet

Monday, September 7, 2015

Journey of Life

It's been almost six months I've been in Germany. As I get older and stay longer here, I learn lot of things. I personally feel the impact when I enter the culture, so much different with mine. No matter how good I am prepared and even I think I am adaptive to new surroundings, still, there are many things I couldn't find in 'books'. Differences in unwritten rules and also nonverbal communication play a big part. It's so stressful, even depressed, sometimes I break down in tears.. moreover the country I'm moving to is totally foreign and sooo different with my own. Very challenging!

Right now.. I really miss my family especially my Mom so badly. I really run out of ways to overcome homesickness except writing, writing, and writing.. anything that can heal my bad feeling. I keep myself busy and moving to discover new things. 

So now please take a deep breathe, Dear Lisan. Be proactive in creating your new life everyday. It will be a half way to go. Enjoy your time here before it's over. Du schaffst!

Life is not meant to be lived in one place :)