Sunday, January 25, 2015

Opening Elzatta Tasikmalaya

Elzatta is now available in Tasikmalaya on Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata and Jalan HZ Mustofa. We are from Tasikmalaya Hijabers were invited to attend the soft opening. Go shop everyone! There will be special price until 31 January 2015.

Thank you for inviting us!
Kak Dinda and I
Teh Meta with Tasikmalaya Hijabers committee

Monday, January 12, 2015


After resigning from Radar Tasikmalaya last December, finally we meet up again at Teh Reska and A Alan's wedding party. Till we meet again, girls! Will be missing you, muach!

Teh Lisna and Eno were my closest office mate.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Morning View

Slept over in my sister's house with Mom on Saturday night, we're heading to Alun-alun Tasikmalaya in the Sunday morning. Well then looking for the fresh air in the middle of the city is actually not a good idea, But yeah, it's necessarily just for making moment with family, had breakfast together, and had so much fun in the weekend.
Natha is playing bubble
Natha and Ayah

Ignore our not-having-a-shower-yet face

Kumpul Blogger Tasik

Was invited by Kang Riz Gan to join Komunitas Blogger Tasik. I did blogging for almost five years with the purpose to document my daily activities. That is it. Never cross to my mind to earn money from it but they are who called para suhu has been doing such a great achievement by blogging. Some of them are able to make a living by doing this thing. 

They really open my mind, support me to do the same and to explore this kind of job. Thank you for every sharing. You guys are AWESOME! :D

(le-ri) Kang Erwin, Kang Aryanto, Kang Segat, Kang Dudi, and I

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Sweetness Called Friendship

Halo everyone! I thank God for being alive in 2015 and happy new year for you all. It is definitely my very first posting of this new year and I have lots of happiness to share. As a freelance writer, I'm now having more time to spend with family and friends. I've been separated from the chain called being an employee. 

Not being an employee doesn't mean I absolved of responsibility. No. I quit from my recent job because I need to learn more about what responsibility is and in fact I face that life is about responsibility. It's a must for me to be responsible at least to myself and my time. I don't want to let my time pass out without making something valuable and meaningful inside it.

Sooo, this posting will share you still about Sisterhood Project. I was asked to help Teh Wida and Teh Senix to be a model for her latest hijab collection. Fashion is one of my passion, I keen on hijab style, I love to be stylish, fashionable, and wear new fashion item I never wear before. For me fashion is a real art.

We took place for photo shooting in Sadaya, the new studio around town which A Firman as the owner. Here are the results: