Monday, February 16, 2015

Pra Kelas Inspirasi Tasikmalaya

Had so much lesson and fun with some friends after attending Pra Kelas Inspirasi Tasikmalaya at SD Cisayong 4. FYI, Kelas Inspirasi will be held right on 20th of April 2015. It's my very first time to get interacted with many little guys in front of class. Unfortunately some of them still have low confidence, but I guess it's a kind of tradition in most of school in Indonesia, especially in the remote spot. The students looked shy and when I asked them, they also looked don't know what to answer. Even a word. I hope this thing will be better in the near future. Nevertheless, communication is one of the most important skills in life.

Kelas Inspirasi is a program initiated by Indonesia Mengajar movement. In the class, I had a chance to bring the students to the future. We were talking about dreams, the reasons why they want to make their dreams come true, and also a light strategy to catch them. 

One thing I underlined in the class is about a healthy lifestyle that for me, it would be a basic yet super effective strategy to make everything happen. A couple days ago, I read about some students in Tasikmalaya that became a victim of poisoning. It's very heart breaking how they lose their health because of consuming bad snack around school. 

It's one of the most meaningful 2x45 minutes in my life! I do support everything that concerned about education. Let's support Indonesia to get a brand new better generation, although it's through a small step. Viva Indonesia!

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