Monday, August 17, 2015

Homeless at Florence

This post will tell you about unforgettable things I and other three friends of mine did in Florence, Italy. We had been planning to explore Rome in the previous month. We spent from 15-20 of August and thought it would be pitied if we explore only Rome so that we prepared for another city to go. We decided to travel Florence. For your information, the length from Rome to Florence is about 5 hours using bus. We used Mega Bus, the cheap public transportation that connect many cities in Europe. 

It deserved to be called as cheap travelling indeed. One of the reason is because things we went through when we're in Florence. We are homeless. We only rent guest house in Rome. Yes, homeless. We went there in the afternoon and spent the night near the station until the bus came. It was my very first experience being stranded but it will not be forgotten!

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