Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oktober Fest Parade

Hallo, So happy I became a weekender again, people! Was going to Munich to see the opening of Oktober Fest 2015 at Theresienwiese last weekend. These pictures I took on Sunday and luckily I was an early bird and got the first line so I could see the parade without blockage. Different from Saturday as I came too late, not so in the morning so I only can see people's back and head. What a pity, indeed. No matter as I'm able to capture some moments over there finally. Enjoy the pics!

I like this kind of clothes. It's so Bavaria.
Nice lady on the big horse
Poor the horses are with no diaper :D They had poo everywhere
Middle age costumes from Mindelheim, the closest city to Markt Wald where I live
German flag
It was on Saturday when The Oktober Fest has not open yet

Monday, September 7, 2015

Journey of Life

It's been almost six months I've been in Germany. As I get older and stay longer here, I learn lot of things. I personally feel the impact when I enter the culture, so much different with mine. No matter how good I am prepared and even I think I am adaptive to new surroundings, still, there are many things I couldn't find in 'books'. Differences in unwritten rules and also nonverbal communication play a big part. It's so stressful, even depressed, sometimes I break down in tears.. moreover the country I'm moving to is totally foreign and sooo different with my own. Very challenging!

Right now.. I really miss my family especially my Mom so badly. I really run out of ways to overcome homesickness except writing, writing, and writing.. anything that can heal my bad feeling. I keep myself busy and moving to discover new things. 

So now please take a deep breathe, Dear Lisan. Be proactive in creating your new life everyday. It will be a half way to go. Enjoy your time here before it's over. Du schaffst!

Life is not meant to be lived in one place :)