Monday, September 7, 2015

Journey of Life

It's been almost six months I've been in Germany. As I get older and stay longer here, I learn lot of things. I personally feel the impact when I enter the culture, so much different with mine. No matter how good I am prepared and even I think I am adaptive to new surroundings, still, there are many things I couldn't find in 'books'. Differences in unwritten rules and also nonverbal communication play a big part. It's so stressful, even depressed, sometimes I break down in tears.. moreover the country I'm moving to is totally foreign and sooo different with my own. Very challenging!

Right now.. I really miss my family especially my Mom so badly. I really run out of ways to overcome homesickness except writing, writing, and writing.. anything that can heal my bad feeling. I keep myself busy and moving to discover new things. 

So now please take a deep breathe, Dear Lisan. Be proactive in creating your new life everyday. It will be a half way to go. Enjoy your time here before it's over. Du schaffst!

Life is not meant to be lived in one place :)

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