Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oktober Fest Parade

Hallo, So happy I became a weekender again, people! Was going to Munich to see the opening of Oktober Fest 2015 at Theresienwiese last weekend. These pictures I took on Sunday and luckily I was an early bird and got the first line so I could see the parade without blockage. Different from Saturday as I came too late, not so in the morning so I only can see people's back and head. What a pity, indeed. No matter as I'm able to capture some moments over there finally. Enjoy the pics!

I like this kind of clothes. It's so Bavaria.
Nice lady on the big horse
Poor the horses are with no diaper :D They had poo everywhere
Middle age costumes from Mindelheim, the closest city to Markt Wald where I live
German flag
It was on Saturday when The Oktober Fest has not open yet


  1. Maybe you can't believe: Even I'm living in Bavaria (about 65 km west of Munich) I never visited the Oktoberfest. Don't ask the reason why.

  2. This is my very first time seeing The Oktoberfest Parade that's why I'm so excited. But then I think it's not so extraordinary :)) They get drunk so much and some are vomiting :((