Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Weekender Was Traveling To Berlin

The excitement started when I was on the way, touched down the central city of Germany, Berlin! This city is on the list of the place I should visit before going back to my homeland next year. I traveled with Ayu by Megabus and we spent 2 days 1 night over there. The best magnetism of this city is its historical sites like Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate. 

Since I lived in Germany for past few months, I'm very interested about history. Especially about holocaust things. I looked for information from books, articles, to films. Before heading to Berlin, I bought a book 'The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank' in Munich. It attracted my attention. The book told us about Anne Frank daily life, her feelings, her stories when she and her family was hiding in Secret Annex when anti-Jewish laws were established.

For your information, I knew Anne Frank for the first time from a teenage magazine when I was in junior high school. She was inspiring, for me. At least I was inspired by her to start writing about my daily life, my feeling, and my other things. Firstly, I also tried to write on my random books, but unfortunately the books were gone as I didn't take care of them. I live in modern life now, so I decide to write on blog. I guess if she lived in this era, she probably would use blog platform to express her feeling. Heheh

I guess it is enough about Anne Frank, may be I will write about her on the next post if I desire :p Soooo, here comes my travel gallery:

In front of Brandenburg Gate
Potsdamer Platz
Berlin Wall
Welt Uhr at Alexander Platz
East Side Gallery
Brandenburg at Night
It was not so far from Berliner Dome
In front of Reichstag, where Angela Merkel works.
Holocaust Memorial
Snowfall for the very very first time
Berliner Dome as background

Monday, November 2, 2015

Was In Hofgarten Odeonsplatz

They asked me how to have the same path like mine. Staying abroad, having a life-changing yet fascinating journey, visiting new places, and so on. Then I kindly gave them the good suggestion what else that they have to do to reach what I did. Most of them ended up with a little complaint, 'How can the process be so complicated? I think, it will be hard to pass through.'


Then I question my self, how can people think what I have achieved is only by flicking of a finger? No way, buddies! NO WAY! It's very complicated and challenging more than you think. I just keep my mouth shut instead of complaining.