Monday, February 1, 2016

Spontaneous Travel To Zurich

It was Friday night in Pasing, Munich when I was texting with one of my female friend. We were just talking about what were we going to do in the near future, it meant traveling or doing something fun. Perhaps we could call this a crazy idea when we spontaneously made a plan to travel Zurich, Switzerland tomorrow. YES, it would be tomorrow. My friend also said yes, then why not??

At that moment, we quickly checked the bus connection from Munich to Zurich. So happy that we found it with not so expensive price. For a round-trip ticket we should pay 30 Euro per person. It sounded make sense then we're going to make simple itinerary, browsing about the weather forecast, and managing some foods. As we know food market or supermarket is always closed on Sunday in most of every corner of Europe so that we need to prepare enough food in the name of saving.

Early in the morning, I was leaving for the Munich ZOB (Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof) and met Ayu, my partner in travel there. From Pasing, I only hopped using S-Bahn to Hackerbruecke station. In a couple minutes, I arrived. We shopped some foods at Lidl. Bread, water, fish, etc. 

As Switzerland is not part of EU, we need to pass the passport control. It was not a big deal. Everything was running smooth. Nobody in the bus had problem. You know what? The most exciting thing on the way was when we have to sail the Bodensee or some people call it Konstanz lake. The bus where we're in entered the cruise and the driver of the bus let the passengers to hop off while we're sailing. How fun!

It took about 3 hours to be in Zurich. The first impression was there's no refugees at all :'D It looked clean, tidy, well organized, and beautiful. The weather was not so bad, then we're not too frozen. One thing that you need to know, everything here is totally expensive. No wonder Zurich is one of world's most expensive cities. We'd better to exchange Euro to CHF (Swiss Frank) once we arrive because Euro was no longer valid. Only some merchandises shop which still receive payment using Euro. For dinner, I ate a food package at Mc Donald and it costed about 10 CHF, two times more expensive than what I used to eat at Mc Donald in Munich. Even though Munich is actually well known as the most expensive place in Germany. 

We spent time from 12 AM to 10 PM but we satisfied this journey at all. It was total tiring as we arrived Munich very early in the morning when there had not been public transportation yet. We stayed for a while in Hackerbruecke and off to Pasing at 5 or 6 AM using S-Bahn. Then the snow was coming from above while we're waiting for the bus to my friend's place near Avenarius station.

It didn't matter how tiring traveling is, it always made me satisfied in the end. Money will be gone, but the memory will always remain. This was one of the best 30 Euro I've ever spent.

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