Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kopdar With German Blogger

Hallo everyone.

I'm going to tell you about my last FREE weekend in Germany. Finally! I'm actually still having one more weekend but at that time I will be supposed to work. When I'm writing this post, I'm really looking forward to be home again, I'm craving for the warmth of the sun urgently! I miss my Mom and family a lot. Winter in Germany is such a weather that I lately hate. It's only nice to see but not so nice to feel, crazily cold. 

Coming to this month get me excited as I will be leaving for Indonesia soon after one year full of tears, I was suffering, dealing with every condition, battling my self, and trying to grow up! But I personally think I did it well. That is why I'm now totally feeling wonderful.

Next to the main topic. I was spending my last free weekend in Munich. I went there on Saturday morning but it was not so special because I only stayed in friend's apartment, the weather is very bad. Thanks to Azibel for letting me stay overnight and feeding me Indonesian foods I love. On the next day, I had appointment with Nobby, he is a nice blogger from Augsburg.

It's so coincident. We follow blog each other since I was in Indonesia. Lately he often leaves comment on my blog post or on guest book until we realize that we live in the same region, exactly in Bayern.

He's pretty kind for paying me the train ticket from Munich to Augsburg, inviting me and Azalia for dinner, and driving me home! Thank you very much. Last but not least, he also took picture of me and made my Sunday perfectly fun. The pictures above are the courtesy by Nobby.