Monday, September 26, 2016

Mojang Payung

Got a job today as a syariah umbrella girl (the name is officially Mojang Payung), simply just to hold a Tasikmalayan umbrella or called Payung Geulis over the athlete's head, the athlete had worn helmet though. 

Once I had to do the Beta Maluku (Moluccan athlete) and had a little conversation with some of their team, I was interested in their local language. I heard one of them did the call and said 'Danke' more than two times. I was wondering what danke is. And yes, danke means Thank you as what I guess before. For your information, the word is from the Dutch (dank je). But sounds like Deutsch.  I miss Deutschland very much. 

The bahasa has absorbed many loanwords from European languages especially Dutch. This is total interesting how Indonesians have used some Dutch words and pronounced them in their own way.

Anyway, I was interviewed by one of online media. You can read the article here

Monday, September 19, 2016

English Learning For Begginer With Lisan Kyrana

Yaaay! My video project has been finally launched. My video is segmented for Indonesian and begginers. Go watch! Thanks.